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Due to my being back in school and in a class that thinks it’s the only class that exists and requires hours and hours of homework, I am going to keep my posts short and sweet. I have so many things to say, though, so I must post! I must!

If you take one piece of advice from this entire blog, let it be this: GET A VIDEOGRAPHER. This is something that I am sincerely begging of you. After all of the money and time you’ve spent working on this very important event, and after all of the hype and excitement on the big day, you will treasure having a video. Similarly to photos, the video is something that will be around long after the day itself.

I didn’t even know I wanted a video. In fact, I would have opted out, but my lovely sister-in-law and her boyfriend are theater/video/tv graduates that wanted to start getting into wedding videography here in Chicago. This was their fabulous wedding gift to us. They did such a wonderful job and didn’t bother me at all with their set up or with any details at all. They took care of it and let me handle all of my other worries (ice! bottle opener! etc). When they were finished editing it and we threw a viewing party, I CRIED. I mean, I cried at the ceremony too (I’m like that), but this was so touching. It added a whole new angle to the day for me. Not only did I get to relive it a bit, but I got to see it from a different perspective. It’s like watching your favorite characters get married on tv – except it’s you. And that is way more awesome.

I wish I had our whole video hosted online somewhere to show you, but I don’t. What I DO have, however, is the wedding reel the videographers have created from my wedding and another couple’s. The reel is a bit outdated in that he has updated his equipment to provide for better lighting and audio equipment (the latter of which doesn’t apply to this reel necessarily). My wedding starts around minute 3:50.

Wedding Reel from Glen Means on Vimeo.

The video consisted of a full version of the ceremony and 3 video montages of dancing with speeches shown in full (because those are important!). We didn’t have them filming as we were getting ready, but I kind of regret that a little. Anyways, please get a videographer for your big day or hire a service that will mix your personal videos and pictures into a nicely edited show that you can watch every year on your anniversary and show your family (Storymix Media does this well and cost effectively). I treasure my video and can’t imagine not having it to look back on.

To inquire about my videographer’s very affordable event packages and/or to see more of his work, please email me (crystal@budgetbrideschicago.com) or the videographer himself at gcmvideoservices@gmail.com.

Happy almost spring, Chicago!


  1. Miss Jam says:

    I. AM. DYING. What a stellar day! Loved the part in the vid where you lovebirds sat upstairs and checked out your new jewelry 🙂

    Good luck with your class, can’t believe you’ll be celebrating your first anniversary in a few months! AHH.

    (Sorry for the weird comment name, my computer refuses to recognize anything other than my blogspot feed)

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