3 Months and a House

Can you believe it?! In 88 short days, I will be all dressed in white and walking down the isle to wed my handsome groom. I am so excited! *Insert high-pitched squeal!* Though, I have so many things to sort out still that I’m having stressful wedding day dreams where nothing is done and I’m scrambling to get chairs and food. Those are the worst. But here’s why I still have so much…

Since my last post, my fiance and I have become homeowners! We purchased a beautiful condo in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows and exposed duct work and stainless steel appliances…!!! Everything a girl could ask for. Now that I’m settled (though still without internet, hmmpf), I would LOVE to get everybody caught up on my wedding planning and all of my discoveries since my last post.

First and foremost, I want to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Michelle and Tyler on their recent engagement! It is so nice to have a fellow bride-to-be to bounce around the city with looking at dresses and chatting about our roadblocks and triumphs. SO EXCITED for this beautiful, happy couple!

(just because I love this bouquet)
Flaky Photographers

I may have mentioned my photographer in a previous post – family friend, immensely talented. We had a contract and plans to fly her in from California for the big day. Well, long story short: She bailed. After having what I can only imagine was a full-blown panic attack, I started desperately asking around for recommendations. On a budget as small as ours, good photographers are few and far between. WAY far between. I couldn’t find one (that fit my slightly snooty standards). I was looking for a full day of coverage and rights to all the photos for $1000. While there are options out there in this price range, the picture quality seemed to reflect the cost if you know what I mean. And pictures are THE only thing I will have after this day to show my kids and grandkids, family that couldn’t make it, etc. Big deal in my book.

So, after enlisting the help of my sister, we started our search. We found many close-but-no-cigar options – either they were just outside our budget or just below par on creativity (comment or email me for some great Chicagoland options!). Just when I was going to give up hope completely, my sister offered the creativity and services of her fiance. Why it didn’t dawn on me a long time ago that he is a very creative and talented photographer/artist, I don’t know. She said she was holding off on offering to see if we could find another option for fear he will be too distracted by our family members to get good coverage. I say, free & talented is the best combination and I am very grateful for his generosity. We’ll make sure that everyone we know has their digital camera in hand all day to catch any moments he might get stuck talking to our grandpa – which is both highly likely and almost impossible to squirm out of.

Crisis averted.

(See my photographer/future brother-in-law’s artwork & portfolio here. Though, please beware NSFW! He has many artistic nude photos and it is possible they could be right on the home screen. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)


  1. Nancy Kuchar says:

    How lucky to have family talent to step up. Just starting my search for affordable and creative wedding photography on a budget. Interested in what you were, important to get the dvd/cd with rights to print…please do share the ones on the cusp of your budget! Thanks–Nancy nkuch4@aol.com

  2. budget brides. chicago. says:

    Hey Nancy!
    I could have just emailed this to you, eh? Duh…

    So, the most affordable options I came across in my searches were:
    – any photographer that you choose from thepros.com They give you options for packages and lists of photographers and their portfolios that are available. It’s a pretty cool set up. FYI though, they might bug you a little with emails once you inquire.
    http://www.richardnewphotography.com He has a basic package as low as $595 for 4 hrs and as low as $895 for the full day and nice a la carte options. Not AWESOME pictures, but definitely not bad.
    – MY FAVORITE… http://www.acarrollphotography.net Her photos make me swoon and she will travel to Chicago from Michigan at no extra cost. However, she was one that was outside our budget enough that we couldn’t swing it.

    I hope this helps a little!

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