The Guest List

By reading all the lovely and helpful wedding blogs that I happily discovered almost immediately after I accepted my fiance’s proposal, I found out that the guest list is the foundation for the rest of the planning.

Therein lies the problem. Did I mention my fiance has the BIGGEST family I have ever heard of? We joke (but in a semi-serious fashion) that he may have the largest family in the United States if somebody were to actually start from the oldest living and count all the way to the newest baby. His dad has 17 brothers and sisters. That’s 17 aunts and uncles – not to mention his mom’s side with another 6! Add their husbands and wives and families and… get the idea.

This is just us at the Planetarium being idiots on the day he proposed.

After organizing it all out on a spreadsheet (thanks, Google Docs!), we decided that our guest list was going to have to include – drumroll please – 150 people! Yes, I am going to have a wedding for 150 guests for $8,000. Ok, so I know not all 150 will show up but better to over-plan than under-plan.

I have a pretty specific idea of how I want our wedding to feel aesthetically. I’m thinking vintage and rustic but still classy, clever, and put-together (see a couple images I love below). I really want to embrace a simple color palette and a simple decor. I’m hoping to have the “wow” factor in the smaller details – that don’t cost as much to pull off! We only get to have this day once in our lives and I want to love every bit of it!

DIY Bouquet of hydrangeas & peonies
(image from

Simple & beautiful tribute to family.
(image from

Next stop: a ceremony/reception location!


  1. nichewhite says:

    Oh lordy! Good luck girl! You know the JoP in Chicago is really nice 😉 Then you can eat at a swanky restaurant and show a video of the wedding. J/K. This is possible! I’m sure you’re going to do great and it will be beautiful.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Crystal, I still have my spreadsheet with addresses for much of Rafael’s side of the family. I have already given it to Kilsy and she is eternally grateful. You will be too. LOL My e-mail is looloo22@gmail. Shoot me a message sometime. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

  3. mc says:

    I didn’t realize Rafael had TWENTY THREE uncles and aunts! That’s A LOT of family. You’re lucky you’re so organized!

  4. LauraLou says:

    Just found you through HelperoftheBride! You can do it! Both my husband’s and my families are huge, so we had nearly 275 guests at our wedding and were able to pull it off for about $7,000. With DIY, anything is possible! 🙂 Love your inspiration pictures!

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